Complete text in Dutch and English:   SOERABAJA 1900-1950. PORT, NAVY, TOWNSCAPE The fascinating history of Soerabaja, or Surabaya, as the name of the former Netherlands East Indies' second-largest city, principal port and naval base is nowadays spelt, has until now been almost inaccessible to English-speaking readers, as previously it has only been treated at any length in Dutch and Indonesian-language publications. In November 2004, however, Asia Maior/Atlas Maior presented the first ever general book to be published in Dutch and English offering a retrospective of colonial Soerabaja during the final decades of Dutch rule, under the title of  SOERABAJA 1900-1950. PORT, NAVY, TOWNSCAPE. As the subtitle suggests, the general subject of SOERABAJA 1900-1950 is approached through the three major themes which largely determined Soerabaja's increasing prominence in the Netherlands East Indies and the city's physical appearance during this period: the construction and growing economic significance of Soerabaja's commercial port of Tandjoengperak (Tanjung Perak), the role of the Royal Netherlands Navy in Soerabaja and of the RNN's principal base in the Indies established there in the 1840s, the so-called Marine-Etablissement (ME), and finally the extensive changes in Soerabaja's townscape resulting from her rapid development into a modern colonial city after 1900. These three main subjects are made accessible to the reader by an introductory chapter providing a general overview of Soerabaja's colonial history and urban development from her beginnings as a small VOC establishment to the final years of Dutch rule, including many rare and previously unpublished historical maps and drawings. Above all, however, SOERABAJA 1900-1950 is a magnificent large-format illustrated book, containing no less than 370 photographs, maps and town plans in all! A place of honour as regards the photography of Soerabaja during the 1920s and 1930s has been given to the professional legacy of Soerabaja's well-known photo agency 'Fotax', Palmenlaan 25, which in pre-war years worked for almost all major companies and government offices in East Java and was also responsible for many of the press photographs published in the East Indies' popular weekly d'Oriënt at that time. SOERABAJA 1900-1950. PORT, NAVY, TOWNSCAPE  ● very large book format (25 x 32 cm), hard-cover binding;  ● 192 pages of full-colour printing on 150 gsm wood-free quality paper;  ● 370 historical photographs, drawings, maps and plans;  ● complete text in English and Dutch. An absolute must for all 'Soerabajans-at-heart' and everyone else with a serious interest in the former Netherlands East Indies! Price € 35/- per copy, excluding P&P. ORDERS Orders for SOERABAJA 1900-1950 are welcomed: 1. through the order form included in our website; 2. by e-mail: ; 3. by fax: +31 (0)70 3861805; or 4. by regular mail to our postal address: Asia Maior/Atlas Maior Publishers, P.O. Box 26, 2270 AA Voorburg, the Netherlands, all under complete and veryfiable statement of your name, home/postal address, telephone number and method of payment. Your copy or copies of SOERABAJA 1900-1950 will be sent to you immediately upon receipt of your order, together with our invoice. Payments in advance are not required, but we do request your cooperation in ensuring that all invoices be cleared within 28 days after date (in the Netherlands: 14 days). Invoices related to orders from other countries than the Netherlands include additional package & postage fees. Attached to all invoices is a standard money-order form commonly used in the Netherlands, a so-called acceptgirokaart. These can be used only if you have a banking account in the Netherlands; in that case, you just fill in the form and send it to your bank in Holland. When using the acceptgirokaart, and also in case of VisaCard payments (other cards not accepted; please state VisaCard number of 19 digits including the 3-digit security code on the reverse of your card and the date of expiry with your order), no additional costs are charged by Asia Maior. When paying by any other means, such as by other money-orders, cheques or bank-to-bank transfers, handling banks usually charge various extra costs. In such cases, please ensure that all handling costs are covered by your payment, as otherwise we will have to send you an additional invoice. back